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    Michigan Drunk Driving Charges
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J. Erich Goetz is a skilled and experienced criminal, drunk driving (OWI/DUI/DWI), and driver’s license restoration attorney who provides his clients with exceptional legal service in very difficult cases. Your legal matter is very important and it is also very important to Mr. Goetz.  Mr. Goetz is personally involved in all client cases from the initial client interview to the ultimate resolution of your case. Your case will not be assigned to a new attorney or young associate. Mr. Goetz’s personal attention to cases provides his clients peace of mind in very difficult situations. He is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions. Mr. Goetz has skillfully and successfully represented his clients in felony, misdemeanor, and drunk driving (OWI/DUI/DWI) cases throughout Michigan including Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties since 1997.  Mr. Goetz’s has developed professional relationships with prosecutors and judges throughout Metro Detroit.

Do you have a suspended license?

A drunk driving conviction (also referred to as OWI/DUI/DWI) can be a devastating event in your life.  A drunk driving conviction can also result in you experiencing harsh penalties that include jail, license suspension, payment of fines and costs.  Do not let this happen to you, call J. Erich Goetz and get the defense you deserve.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving (OWI/DUI/DWI) and are facing charges in Oakland, Macomb or Wayne county, it is critical to consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will take decisive action to protect your rights, your freedom, and your finances. Get your license restored today!

There are numerous drinking and driving offenses you can be charged with in Michigan. The offenses are costly and have driver’s license penalties that can seriously affect your ability to drive. In many cases people face issues with their continued employment because of driver’s license sanctions/penalties. If you have been charged with a drinking and driving crime, it is crucial you hire an attorney who is skilled and understands how to defend you. The following are some of the possible drinking and driving offenses you could be charged and related Secretary of State license sanctions:

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  • Operating While Intoxicated (OWI/DUI/DWI) 180 day license suspension with the first 30 days being a hard suspension/revocation.
  • Operating While Visually Impaired (OWVI): 90 day license suspension
  • Zero Tolerance (charged when driver is under 21 and has an alcohol content of .02 or higher) 30 day restricted/ suspended license.
  • Child Endangerment (charged when the driver is operating with an unlawful alcohol content and also has a child present in the vehicle) 90 day license suspension.
  • Operating Under Influence causing death or great bodily harm License is revoked/denied by Secretary of State.
  • Super Drunk OWI with high BAC known as the Super Drunk law which is used to prosecute first time drunk drivers that have an alcohol level of .17 or greater. 180 day license suspension with the first 45 days being a hard/suspension.


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The consequences of any drunk driving/drinking and driving (DUI/DWI/OWI) conviction can be devastating to your life. It could result in you losing your job, expensive court fines and cost and increased automobile insurance premiums. Additionally, a drinking and driving conviction cannot be expunged from your record which means a convictions will appear on background checks when you apply for jobs or seek admission to schools. J. Erich Goetz has aggressively defended his clients’ rights from prosecution throughout Michigan and Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties since 1997. He is a leader in the criminal defense community and respected by courts, prosecutors and other criminal defense attorneys. Mr. Goetz also has experience prosecuting drinking and driving offenses as a local prosecutor and understands the strengths and weaknesses of drinking and driving cases.

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